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Hey all, what's up?

Not so much going on here, just came home from work about an hour and a half ago. Luckily this week I finally got some hours (only cause my manager was on vacation, but it's better than nothing). On Friday I did my photoshoot for my studio photography class. I was originally going to photograph Kat but she has something wrong with her hands (some sort of peeling/rash) so obviously she didn't want to get her pictures taken with her hands in that sort of condition. Instead, I did my studio partner Dawn (who is 30, but looks my age of 20, seriously, I didn't believe her and I asked for her ID and it said she was born in '78...:O) who still did fairly well in what I wanted to do.

Next Saturday I'm going to the DIA with my boyfriend Tony for my Art History class. The cool thing is the tickets were free through any state library. It should be fun since neither of us have been there before. Speaking of boyfriend, I should be going over to his house soon. Leaving on that note, I'll post two photos I did yesterday at the shoot, enjoy.

Jump Series 1

Head Shot - Dawn

Pagan Acceptance ribbon.

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I've made in support to accept all Pagans. Feel free to use, and spread the word. Thank you.

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